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and other utilities say help is on the way, repair crews from as far away as texas headed this way, should be on the streets later this week. this afternoon using my iphone spotted a crew at the corner of nebraska and everett street in northwest. customers throughout the area have complained that when they go online, there have been no signs of trucks in their neighborhood. >>> the big question is everyone's name tonight, when is my power coming -- mind tonight, when is my power coming back? pepco trucks have been spotted on river road in bethesda and that is where our ken molestina is live right now >> reporter: if you're talking to pepco officials, president of pepco tom graham was out here earlier and finally we'll see some of the pepco trucks coming into the neighborhoods. until now they have been working on what's called critical infrastructure, which are the substations, firehouses, hospitals, police departments and water facilities. over my shoulder you can see some of the work being done here along bradley and river in potomac just in front of congressional, the golf tournament ju
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1